I've lived a blessed and diverse life that gives me so much perspective, compassion, and admiration for others. Here are some of the highlights of my journey so far...


I had 3 kids in 31 months! With that, I had hyper-lactation production syndrome where I donated massive gallons of breast milk to the Mother’s Milk bank. Afterwards I went through a chronic fatigue healing journey of 6 surgeries in 6 years. I’ve lived the military life and traveled for over 10 years as a supportive spouse living in Yuma, Arizona, Corpus Christi, Texas, Encinitas, Ca, and a short stay in Okinawa, Japan.

my Career Constellation: 

I’ve tried multiple careers and jobs since my first job at 11 years old at a Christmas tree farm where I ate more $ in apple donuts than I earned.  I’ve waited tables at multiple locations including over 5 years at TGI Fridays.  I’ve worked as a technical recruiter where I learned the lingo enough to apply to a technical position as an intranet designer at Charles Schwab Corporate Headquarters during the dot.com boom.  I’ve worked as a database expert at Intel.  I’ve owned a yoga studio.  I’ve taught spin classes, pilates mat classes, pilates reformer classes.  I’ve taught yoga off and on for over 20 years.  I went back to Grad School and got a Masters Degree at the age of 37.

travel adventures! 

I’ve traveled extensively most of my life beginning with a summer long European backpack excursion at 17 with my mom, my best friend and her mom.  I did it again the summer after I graduated from college with another dear friend and my brother.  I’ve been to all of Europe to include Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and took a ferry from Algeciras and the tip of Spain to Tangier, Morocco for a day excursion.  

I spent an afternoon in a Moroccan jail bc a local set us up.  This ended in us sweet taking him and having tea with him before he walked us to or ferry home.

At 24, I spent 3 days in Serbia with a family who rescued me, my brother and my friend from sleeping in the train station.  Because we were American and at the time America was supporting Bosnia in the war against Serbia we were seen as the enemy and no one would exchange our money or let us on any form of public transportation and we were trapped.  This kind family helped us get out of the country and back on our way to Hungary, Budapest.  

I was an All Star volleyball player on our team who competed in State Championships in High School, loving the volleyball community, when I was 30 I took a group of teenage volleyball players to New Zealand and Australia for a 3 week excursion.

I’ve done 10+day yoga trainings and retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica, Asheville, North Carolina, Catskills, New York, Tulum, Mexico, Ubud, Bali, and multiple 4day events at Squaw Valley, California...and ran a marathon in Hawaii.