Heart Wide Open Level 2

A Women's Empowerment Intensive 

Are you ready to build on what you learned in Level 1 and commit to yourself and to the powerful group of support that you have come to know and love?   

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Yes! I'm READY to live with my Heart Wide OPEN!

Get Real To Heal 

Get radically honest with yourself.  Gain the clarity required to design your life according to your current needs.  Take action to add more of what fills you up and eliminate all that drains you.    

Embrace Your Body

Learn to honor the wisdom of your body. Master your emotions and gain skills to actively communicate with your inner intuition.  Let your body work with you instead of against you!   

Find Your Tribe

Magic ignites when women come together to support, honor and learn with and from one another.  Connection cures loneliness, strengthens resolve and reminds of us of our own divine light.  

Learning to open your Heart is one thing. 

Keeping it Open & Expansive and oozing with Joy is:




  • Manifest in the flow of the Law of Attraction

  • Unleash your creativity

  • Gain a new relationship with Time &  What is TRULY POSSIBLE

  • Conquer anxiety, resistance, depression and negative thinking

  • Commit to proactive Self-Nurture (Level 2 of what you know Self-Care to be

  • Learn to activate radical faith to REST FOR Purpose and activate the art of SURRENDER

  • Uncover who you are free of blame, expectation, trauma

  • Heal and FORGIVE your past with advanced Gratitude & Grace

           What Past L2 Participants are Saying

"Learning the power of my thoughts and how to begin using them to manifest and create the reality of my dreams has changed everything in my life." -  C.C.    

"I thought Level 1 was epic.   I had no idea how valuable continued support and community can be.   I will never do life without support again." - T.H. 

"The lessons about failure and reframing my perspective to embrace challenges gave  me the confidence to finally make steps to pursue my dreams. "  Thank you.  - N.S.


Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
Applicable Psychology Tools To Support a Mindset of Gratitude & Mindfulness
Experiential Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work Practices
Dynamic Workshops Incorporating Psychodynamic Principles with Practical Holistic Application
Weekly Partner Opportunities (Reminder: We grow best in relationship!)
Group Support Circles
Self-Care Assignments
Partner Work and Accountability
Hannah’s Picks: Such as Guest Speakers, Activities, Excursions, Experiential Exercises to Enhance the Specific Needs of the Group
The Opportunity to Build Long Lasting Relationships with Empowered Soul Sisters
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  • Community of like minded women
  • Permission to be YOU fully
  • Time to show yourself how amazing you truly are
  • Tools that will help you pursue your deepest desires
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