Let Me Help You

Discover Your Life Calling

And Your Soul's Deepest Purpose 


You are a woman that loves deeply.

You know how to survive and grow stronger from crisis.

You cherish life, beauty, joy and laughter.



Even though things look great to the outside world, inside you sometimes might wonder “Is this it? There’s gotta be more.”

Maybe at times there’s a feeling that something is not quite right, that there’s a missing, a longing, maybe even a lingering loneliness that sometimes catches your heart.


is this you?

You work hard to be supportive, help others and be there for people, but find it's often not reciprocated in your current relationships. This can make it hard to fully trust and deeply connect with others, leaving you feeling isolated, alone and at times, used or even invisible. You are there for others, but who's truly there for you?  


Maybe you can feel your social circles getting smaller and smaller. Everyone is just so busy! You don't want to be a burden on others. Yet you are worried that there's more to life that you might be missing. Are you fully living your true purpose? At the same time you are feeling stuck in unsatisfying relationships that leave you feeling guilty, drained and deflated. You crave being with others where you can fully be yourself and be appreciated for all you are and all you bring.

But where can you find like minded, positive relationships where others care about you the way you care about them? With this support system missing it can be hard to pursue the projects and ideas tugging on your heart strings. You find yourself protecting your heart and staying small, but you want so much more in life. You want more laughter, fun, purpose and deep meaningful relationships.

Ready To Live

With Your Heart Wide Open,

Grounded And Magnetized?


Let Me Show You How To:

  • Shine from within to attract amazing, supportive people into your life

  • Get clear on your deepest gifts to share with the world

  • Conquer anxiety, resistance, depression and negative thinking

  • Release spiritual blocks that keep you small

  • Gain confidence in your past, present and future journey

  • Learn to pursue what’s most important to you, without feeling guilty



Hello, I’m Hannah Zackney.

I’m a Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher, and Yogi that specializing in women’s issues. My work focuses on integrating brain science, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and body awareness to guide women on an empowering journey of deep connection.  I have helped hundreds or women usher their visions into reality by teaching them to become their own best advocate. I call this process living “Heart Wide Open.”

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, trained and supported women with for close to twenty years and I’ve poured all of my love, passion, knowledge and experience into creating something truly special for you….

That’s Why I Am Excited To Invite You

To Heart Wide Open!


Local friendships with incredible women, meditation, spiritual resources, journaling, yoga-ing, and being in nature sets the framework of the 8-week Heart Wide Open women’s group journey. Imagine what your life would be like if you learned to put yourself first...


Here’s what you’ll learn each week:

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Week 1: Put Yourself First.

  • Learn tools to relieve the guilt, and address the faulty beliefs that may make you want to avoid prioritizing your desires.

  • You’ll complete a self-care evaluation and goals assessment to take a look at what’s working and what’s missing in life.

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Week 2: Write to Heal.

  • Explore journaling assignments, personal rituals and ways of checking in and listening to your body to identify patterns, blocks, and stuck energy.

  • This will give an incredibly empowering awareness to your fears, hopes, dreams and resistance.



Week 3: Get Real – Get Still – Meditation Challenge.

  • Learn a variety of meditation techniques to find a method that actually works for you.

  • Get tools to set yourself up for success with a personalized meditation practice so that you can have more restful deep sleep and instantly calm your nervous system from negative, toxic, stress in your life.


Week 4:  Together we Heal, Together we Feel.

  • Grow deeper in the safe space of our community through small support groups and partner match ups for deep listening exercises.

  • Deepen your sense of connection and support with a nature excursion.


Week 5:  Gratitude & Loving Kindness.

  • Learn gratitude activities to train your mind for positivity, Increase vitality, energy, and dopamine.

  • Build an active practice that can powerfully change your mood and outlook to give you the ability to change the reality of experience at any moment.

Photo by franckreporter/iStock / Getty Images

Week 6: Random Acts of Kindness – Seek to Serve.

  • Increase your ability to feel connected by exploring your skills, gifts and interests.

  • Clarify how to serve through our group volunteer project.


Week 7:  Doubt Your Doubts.

  • Learn tools to identify unhelpful themes, negative patterns, and old belief systems that hold you back like “I’m not good enough” and “I can’t trust myself”.

  • Get specific brain re-wiring resources to reprogram what doesn’t serve you into strengths.



  • Pause, reflect and learn how to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments!

  • This will give you resources for increased insight into what motivates you now and in the future as you learn how to deeply trust yourself.

These skills, resources and teachings are lessons that will forever transform your life. It’s the kind of work that is most needed but never taught in school. As a holistic psychotherapist and teacher of mindfulness, I am so excited to bring together the amazing group of women in Heart Wide Open. This program is designed to hold you and help you do the profoundly transformational work I’ll be guiding you through.


The 8 Week Heart Wide Open Journey Includes:

  • Weekly 2.5-hour group training sessions

  • Psychology tools for rewiring your fears and self-doubt

  • Complimentary Yoga Passes

  • Access to Vinyasa and Kundalini classes

  • Group Nature excursion

  • Group volunteer project

  • Self-Care Assignments

  • A community of Heart Wide Open, local, lasting friendships

The Group Training Sessions Meet on 8 Tuesdays.  There are a few additional enrichment activities scheduled within the 8 weeks time frame as well.  Further scheduling details are provided upon registration. 

Please connect with me if you'd like to register for the upcoming Winter 2019-2020 Session.  Click on the Blue Button Below.  



Ready to feel powerful, grounded, and connected?

Generate your deeper sense of purpose on the planet.




What if I miss a meeting?

I’m happy to provide notes and you can partner with someone in the group to gain what was missed.  To protect the integrity of the group process, you may miss one session max during the 8-week group.

What if I don’t want to change the core of who I am?  

This process will only deepen who you really are and melt away all that others have expected you to be.  

What if I already know what to do, I’m just not doing it and don’t have time?

That's what this program is for. Not having the time is one of the biggest indicators that fear or other obstacles are keeping you stuck while providing you with an excuse to stay small and unexplored.

I feel selfish to give myself this much attention, time and money...

If this is resonating with you, then not giving this to yourself is actually more selfish because it keeps you less aware of your own needs making it actually harder for you to be more generous with others.

I feel it’s wrong to give or worry this much about myself when so many others are in need and there are so many other things I need to be working on...

This is the way to build up your reserves, gain strength and insights so that you can better serve others with increased love, stamina and presence.

This sounds pretty airy-fairy!

This is about honoring your dreams and there is nothing to take lightly when it comes to your deepest desires.

How much is it worth to you to move towards a bigger, more meaningful life on your own terms?

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