Heart Wide Open 

A Women's Empowerment Intensive 

This program is designed for women who are ready to give to themselves fully and uncover their greatest purpose, confidence and sense of self.   


Heart Wide Open 

A Women's Empowerment Intensive 

This program is designed for women who are ready to give to themselves fully and uncover their greatest purpose, confidence, and sense of self.   

8 Weeks - Virtual In-Person Hybrid (In Person Options will be in Folsom, Ca)

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Get Real To Heal 

Get radically honest with yourself.  Gain the clarity required to design your life according to your current needs.  Take action to add more of what fills you up and eliminate all that drains you.    

Embrace Your Body

Learn to honor the wisdom of your body. Master your emotions and gain skills to actively communicate with your inner intuition.  Let your body work with you instead of against you!   

Find Your Tribe

Magic ignites when women come together to support, honor and learn with and from one another.  Connection cures loneliness, strengthens resolve and reminds of us of our own divine light.  

Ready To Live With Your Heart Wide Open? 



  • Shine from within to attract amazing, supportive people into your life

  • Get clear on your deepest gifts to share with the world

  • Conquer anxiety, resistance, depression and negative thinking

  • Release spiritual blocks that keep you small

  • Gain confidence in your past, present and future journey

  • Learn to pursue what’s most important to you, without feeling guilty

 Rave Reviews from Heart Wide Open Graduates

"This group literally opened my heart. I love all the women I met, the sacred time we spent together, the truths we shared, the vulnerability that we all exposed, the trust we/I felt. Each woman made a difference in my life. The accountability we held for each other was priceless. The random text messages offering love and support were invaluable. Hannah, you gave us all a gift. You are genuine, your soul shines with white light, beautiful from the inside out and simply a badass! THANK YOU!"  P.V.  

"From the first page of my journaling, I found my voice. I connected to my body and soul. I heard myself in the things others participants said. I have slept better, been restless with the changes in me, healed the wounds a little, I saw the lies others shared and saw the truth. I held my own in the group and connected to the right people at the right time. Everything unfolded as it was supposed to be. I didn’t share everything but I think I shared enough. I have identified people in my life who are not good for me. I am learning to have more boundaries."  P.S. 

"It was so rewarding.  It reminded me no matter how different we can seem we are truly all the same.  It made me aware of the stories I would tell myself about someone based on their outsides.   Getting to know this group of women made me see how much I was missing by not allowing myself to get to know people on the inside.   The connection and energy of this group allowed use to bond and blossom individually and as a group.  This group allowed us to explore issues in a calm supportive safe environment."   T.F.


Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
Applicable Psychology Tools To Support a Mindset of Gratitude & Mindfulness
Experiential Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work Practices
Dynamic Workshops Incorporating Psychodynamic Principles with Practical Holistic Application
Weekly Partner Opportunities (Reminder: We grow best in relationship!)
Group Support Circles
Self-Care Assignments
Partner Work and Accountability
Hannah’s Picks: Such as Guest Speakers, Activities, Excursions, Experiential Exercises to Enhance the Specific Needs of the Group
The Opportunity to Build Long Lasting Relationships with Empowered Soul Sisters
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Weeks 1

Get Radically Honest as You Put Yourself First

Relieve any guilt blocking your right to pursuing the desires of your heart.

Address faulty beliefs that make you play small. 

Get clear on where you are spending your most valuable resources and how that is or is not serving you. 

Complete a self-care evaluation and goal assessment to personalize a game plan to get you where you want to go. 

Week 2 

Find Support in Rituals

Explore journaling assignments, rituals and various methods of using your body to assess daily blocks and resistance.  

Use your insight to build on your own self-awareness and empower yourself to better communicate with your deepest intuition. 

Week 3

Get Still.  Conquer Meditation for REAL. 

We will experiment with a wide variety of meditation styles and debunk the myths of how you are "supposed" to meditate.  

Learn how to calm your nervous system, eliminate toxic stress, sleep better and decrease anxious thinking.   

Even if you already meditate I promise you will learn something new in this section. 

Week 4

Together We Heal.  Together We Feel. .   

Empower yourself with implementing boundaries required to allow your heart to stay open even when you are tempted to blame, criticize, deny, block, run or otherwise. 

Deepen your capacity to give and to receive in partnership.  

Week 5

Gratitude and Loving Kindness

Learn specific ways to practice gratitude.  Train your mind for positivity, increased vitality, energy and dopamine.   

Discover tools that can powerfully change your mood, outlook and give you the ability go change your perspective in challenging moments.

Week 6

Seek to Serve.  Activate your Purpose. 

Increase your ability to feel connected by putting your skills, desires and interests into action.  

Feel alive by embracing meaning and servitude.  

Clarify how to bless the world with your unique gifts.  The world is craving what you have to offer. 

Week 7

Surrender into Flow! 

Learn tools to identify:

- What is propelling you forward

- What is no longer helpful, is toxic patterning, habit or outdated to who you are now

Get specific brain rewiring resources to reprogram what doesn't serve you and increase your trust of being supported in your journey.

Put the serenity prayer into action.    

Weeks 8

Let's Celebrate! 

Learn to implement pause, reflection and learn how to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments.  

Gain insight into what motivates you now and learn how to sustain momentum in the desired direction while you master trusting yourself and increasing your confidence. 

Honor and appreciate the process of this journey and who you have become because of it! 

  • Pause, reflect and learn how to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments!

  • Gain insight into what motivates you now, and learn how to deeply trust yourself.

Winter 2023

Tuesday Mornings 9-11am 

January 24, 31

February 7, 14 (Integration Break 2/21), 28

March 7, 14


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Mornings 9-11am 

*Save $100 with pay-in-full option

Jan 24, 31 Feb 7, 14 (Integration Break 2/21) 28, March 7, 14
  • Community of like minded women
  • Permission to be YOU fully
  • Time to show yourself how amazing you truly are
  • Tools that will help you pursue your deepest desires
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3 Monthly Payments

Mornings 9-11am 

Jan 24, 31 Feb 7, 14 (Integration Break 2/21) 28, March 7, 14
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