How Do I Surrender, And Mean It?

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The Buddhists say you can surrender or you can suffer.  


Suffering most always relates to not liking things how they are.

How do you learn to accept, like, and eventually embrace things that you thought would never happen or didn’t want to happen?  


How do you not become overly discouraged when a dream disappears?  Or when someone says no when you were counting on a yes?  


How can you open your mind to expansion vs. lock down when challenge hits?   


How do you keep your HEART WIDE OPEN instead of shutting down in anger, blame or sadness and pain? 


The choice remains in every moment.  


1.)   Follow the green lights of life. 


You can choose to move closer to what’s opening, growing, developing, or you can choose to resist or ignore the truth.   One option will likely provide energy and space to think of new solutions and the other will likely tire you out.  


A curious mind will aid you in seeing increased possibilities.  


2.)   Accept what is. 


Emotional, physical and psychological flexibility can be found in acceptance.  A state of peace can be particularly challenging to embrace when we think things should be happening differently or we are expecting a specific outcome.  Coming to terms with what didn’t happen is the first step to opening your eyes wide enough to see what is newly achievable.  


When we accept the current moment fully we are forced to acknowledge what isand what is no more.   Acceptance is a form of closure.  It is also the birthplace to uncover the gifts that are newly available to you. 


3.)   Let go.


Letting go of our past habits, dreams or ways of living often requires a grieving process that can be long or immediate.  We chose those old ways of being for a reason.  It’s simply possible that our habits no longer serve us and the reasoning no longer applies.  


Releasing our agenda is an act of faith.  Remember, it IS possible to be disappointed by a perceived loss AND experience more joy from an unexpected outcome.  


Fully embracing the reality of what is evolving before us invites us to release what is naturally falling away.  



We can be broken open or we can willingly shed. We must put down what no longer works as soon as we recognize that it is no longer serving us.   Transitions happen fast and old ways lose their usefulness.   It’s imperative we pay attention to the yellowing lights before they turn Red.  


When we readily put down was no longer works on a regular basis we open the opportunity to stay closer to what is sacred, what is real, what is true.  


When we live life as if there are rights and wrongs we end up struggling and achieving a life instead of living it. 


Keep asking for what you need, only to practice to keep accepting what you are given. 


And deeply trust that spirit won’t take from you what you are not yet willing to give away. Surrender and mean it.