How do you Keep Your New Years Resolution? ... for legit?


We are a week into the New Year.  How do you keep your New Years Resolutions? 

It doesn’t have to feel good.  It doesn’t have to feel bad.  It has to feel right.  


Often I ask my clients. “Does it feel Wrong?”  ……I know it’s hard, frustrating and exhausting.  


I know you are over it. I know you are exploring other options and getting ready to bail.  I know others are suggesting different ways.  


But does it feel wrong? Or are you simply challenged to stay in that space that you perceive to be dragging on, too intense, unnecessary or out of your control?   


How do you stay glued to your commitments to yourself?  How do you finally crush your resolutions and make the movements in your life that you’ve desired for far too long?   


You align yourself as often as possible to something spiritual.  You stay in high vibration of gratitude and of thankfulness.  


You become spiritual teflon so that all that doesn’t serve you bounces off.  You become a magnet for all that is good.  All that is God. 





You get on your mat and sweat it out.  You stretch and run and cycle miles beyond previous capacity and you move soooooo fast and intently that you force yourself to drop into your body.   Once in your body you can hear the truth of your soul.  The truth does not live in your head.  


You sweat so much that you cleanse a fraction of the build up from yesterday and tomorrow you sweat today away to the max of your capacity. REPEAT! 


2.) You pray.  

You get on your knees.  You accept you are powerless and out of control.  


You look for the signs and follow them.  If you think you read them wrong you get back on your knees and search again and again and again.  You search until you trust your guides like your own intuition.


3.) You journal.  

You write EVERYTHING.  Not just the feel good stuff because that’s not real and that’s spiritual bypass and you want a life that doesn’t bypass ANYTHING.   You write with reckless abandon until you have no ink left in your pen and no more words pour out.  


4.)  You say YES when you mean it and ONLY then.  


5.)  You say NO to anything that feels wrong or not right at this current moment in time.  You build faith that every NO frees you up to say divine YES to all that is of your highest value.


6.) You love yourself like YOU ARE A BIG F’ING DEAL!!!!  Because you ARE.  You are brave and beautiful and tender and kind.  You are unstoppable and pure and wildly creative.  You are passionate and powerful and primal and alive.  You are free.  Act like it! 


7.)  You LOVE EVERYONE else as fiercely as you love yourself.  You keep your HEART WIDE OPEN and NOMATTER what you don’t close it.  You adjust, you forgive, you go down a different street but you NEVER close your Beautiful, Bountiful, and Blissful Heart.  Never.  Not Ever. Not even for a second.  




2019.  Let’s go.  We got this!