Are you a High Achiever with a Malnourished Soul?



Is this familiar? 


Are you feeling stuck in certain areas of your life?   Do you feel stagnant?  


Are you full of amazing ideas and potential and yet not seeing the results you desire?   Or worse, are you working harder than ever and still not able to move the needle?  

Are you a high achiever with a malnourished soul?


Do you give away so much that you are literally too tired to receive the goodness when it comes back to you?  


Ready for a change? 


I’m convinced that this life is NOT meant to be a constant uphill struggle.  


Being tired and busy with “so much going on” is NOT a badge of honor.  It’s actually a sign that you are grossly out of balance.  


I get it.  I too want to live a big, bold, FULL life.  But like a lot of people I talk with, I had to figure out how to make the FUN and PLAY sections of my life equal the FOCUS and BUCKLE-DOWN slices of the proverbial pie.  


For me, I had no choice but to make a change.  My body, mind and sprit reminded me that pressing the pedal down 24-7 was not sustainable.   I experienced foggy thinking, fatigue, and overwhelm, a sense of paralysis, doubt, comparison and crippling fear and sadness.  


Burnout is real.   The pushing to the next rung is necessary at times and in intervals.  It’s not a way to live.  


If you relate at all you probably have been taught to try hard and work hard and to believe in your dreams no matter the cost.   


If this is you then fabulous! You have likely developed deep discipline, acquired knowledge and true wisdom.   And you want a big, bold, full life too!  Yay!  


Now, we need to just use all these beautiful life skills to rewrite the script.  We need to strip away the old belief systems that link Success-to-Struggle and Love-to-Sacrifice.  These are no only inaccurately associated.   These links are DAMAGING in many ways.  


If you believes that success must be hard, effortful and take more than one can give then be sure that success will take everything you’ve got.  If you are willful enough to achieve success under this mindset you’ll probably be so spent once you achieve it that you’ll have no energy to enjoy it.  


If you believe that to love is to sacrifice, than you likely will be tempted to give away your power, your voice, your preferences without considering why or what you are receiving in return.  Some call this generative and selfless.  Professionals call this co-dependent, self- sabotage and see it as a pre-curser to personal and relational break down.  


What if we could try softer, receive more and open to so much more than we have ever conceived?  


What if we could have it all and FEEL the good parts more fully and for longer durations of time?  


I have so much to share regarding this topic.  And I will continue to share it.  


If you are a woman looking for more in life, please know I have ongoing Heart Wide Open Women’s Empowerment Programs and Intensives where we address what’s getting in the way of living BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL lives.   


Please always feel free to reach out to me.  


Sat Nam,