Slow down to Speed up

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Increasingly, I am reminded to do less.   Not more. 


For most of us, doing less feels like we are giving up.  Trusting time to do it’s magic and for stillness to reveal a better way is counterintuitive for many of us that have developed patterns of over-effort-ing to succeed.  


When we see a problem we tend to run towards it, armed with tools, data and reasoning.   We conclude that the greater the problem, the more muscle and effort required.  We press forward with our (often stubborn) will leading the show.  This approach works, until it doesn’t.  


Personally, I have thrived in accomplishment and in the warrior-ing of the journey.   I know how to push and fight through.  I’m disciplined, determined and strong.  I welcome a challenge because I am likely to find my way out.  Warrior-ing feeds my love of competition and gives me something to focus on which provides a sense of purpose.  


Being able to exercise this approach does NOT mean it’s the best way or even a useful way any longer.  


I know less about allowing, surrendering or letting go. 


I know MUCH less about how to exercise the willingness to trust time and space when the old way out seems available, even when the old way is no longer yielding the results I desire. 


I am finding that utilizing my disciplines and strengths to STAY in stillness to be of most value.   


For many of us, we change when we have to.  We look for a different solution only when the old way is too hard, too draining or simply aren’t working any more.  


I am witnessing the way of forcing and pushing failing for many.  We are in a time in our world where we require malleability vs. rigidity, acceptance vs. judgment and space to uncover how we can unite with the deeper part of us that knows the way.   


Love is an action and we need space to access our own love and share it in the way that this world desperately needs.  


If you are like me your nervous system has taken a toll.   As I try to lessen my daily tasks and create quiet time I find this space can be confusing to my system, even disorienting.  Often I resist it.  


AND, I’m uncovering that much of my old operating system is no longer valid.  I wonder how long it has been so grossly outdated.  


What I thought was important is waning and as I let go of things I felt were critical I recognize I don’t need them any longer.  Most of what I thought has been completely turned upside down.   


Slowing down can be scary. And I think you should try it.  


It seems all of us go so fast that we overlook our tender spots, our wounds, our unresolved issues, our true desires and in the process become disconnected with ourselves.  This seems to be a human epidemic.  


Please know that the more you slow to breath, to be still, to wait and to trust the more you will meet yourself, know yourself and build trust in the flow of life.  


There is more to life than increasing it's speed. - Mohandas Gandhi


Addiction to speed just might be one of the unspoken issues plaguing humanity.  


Slower just might be the answer. Slower is exercising trust. Slower is allowing for space, to love, to forgive, and to be free.