The Time To Be Brave is NOW

Brave woman on mountaintop.jpg

We are culturally in a time where we must be still and fully examine what is true. NOW.   Today.   Consistently.  Actively.  Presently. 

We need to be brave enough to look at all that is happening right before our eyes, in the present moment.   Not look away.  Not minimize it.  Not fear it.  Not become powerless in it. 

Yogic teachings claim that about 15% of the people on the planet are awake enough to see and seek the truth.  If you relate at all to that statement we need you to be bravely awake right now.  

We are in need of more and more individuals who are willing to be fully responsible for their impact on the world, on others, on their children and on the environment.  

We need to feel our feels. 



And then, when it gets hard and painful and anxiety provoking we need to FEEL more intensely, BE more present and Breathe deeper and bigger and longer breathes. 

Not less.  Ever.

The answers we need right now are not found outside of us.  They are NOT going to be discovered by escaping our feelings or thoughts or physical awareness. 

They will be found by being real and connected to our intuition and trusting our inner voice.   Reflecting and anchoring to our souls calling will cultivate intuition.  It will lead us to our next right step.  We are being collectively called to slow down, to breath and wait for guidance before we over-react, over-effort or over-power.  Society and humanity is in need of great care and of great grace. 

We will not find peace by trying to discount or ignore uncomfortable feelings.  Insight and guidance will be found by settling into what is, right here and right now. 

If anxiety is present then the truth will be found IN the jagged breath and unease.  The truth is IN the challenging conversations.  It’s IN the staying in the room when you really want to run out.   It’s IN claiming your part, your impact, your choice and using that to serve yourself, the other and the situation equally.  

Truth is in loving all, evenly, at the same time, including you. 

Often we are inclined to turn away from discomfort.  We falsely believe that if it’s uncomfortable, that it’s bad.  Conversely, the journey into the deepest part of the dark is the quickest way out.  And the dark is usually uncomfortable. 

Robert Frost has said it wisely, “The best way out is always through.”   

We must not be reactive or avoidant.  Perhaps a pause or a prayer before an action could be the answer.  The easy way out usually leads to greater havoc, pain and time lost. 

Personally I know this.  Professionally I preach this. 

Yet I know both personally and professionally, that knowing something can bear little effect on how you act, or on what you do with what you know.   I know it’s easier to wait until tomorrow, until it’s clear, until others are ready, until you have a few more things figured out, or until the weather, or the finances, or the landscape changes.  These are all excuses.  There is no better time to be unabashedly real and awake and brave.  

Bravery is courageous behavior or action.  It has zero to do with outcome.  Being brave is confronting frightening things.  It does not mean you win or overcome.   It does not mean it’s easy, or looks good or is approved by all. 

Lately, I find myself embracing the truth that others are not inspired by a perfect person or a perfect outcome.  We as a people are inspired by how people deal with imperfection, especially when dealt with bravery.   In this journey we can be seen and we can inspire. 

The time to be awake is here.  The time to be brave is now.