Friendship is the New Coping Skill


"Our whole lives are relationships.  Love accordingly.”

 - Danielle LaPorte


FACT:   Our relationships with others are a direct mirror of our relationships with ourselves and mimic our spiritual connection.


Why do we need relationships?  

Belly laughs, inside jokes only the two of you understand, the look that needs no words, the ability to pick up the phone and call without hesitation, not having to explain the backstory.   ALL of this takes “another”.  Our ability to share a moment is impossible without a pal.    


Friendship - the trendy coping measure….   

How do you nurture your anguish... relationships.  The healing is in how your friend changes the subject when you are on the hot seat, how she laughs with you and sees the humor in the situation when you need to be rescued from your pain, how she shows up unannounced with exactly what you need, how she remembers your favorite drink and has one waiting for you when you walk in the restaurant, how she reminds you where you kicked ass and points out your successes when you feel like a colossal failure.  Friends heal our wounds.  They buoy our pain.  They see and demand our highest potential.  They demonstrate grace.  

Our whole lives are about connection. 

Spiritual connection is connection to your soul.  This type of connection reveals to us how we are not separate, but that we are all one.   

Spiritual connection can not evolve in isolation.   

Spiritual connection is the playground in which we get to practice love, kindness, self-control, discipline and collaboration.   In relationship we have the opportunity to embrace humanity and do what is best for ALL (you, the other and the situation) vs. what is just in your favor.  Spiritual relationship is a gift of growth and healing.   

Choose love.  Always.   

If you have a choice, choose connection.  

Choose time in the backyard lingering with you neighbor over doing the dishes.  Attend the birthday party instead of getting ahead at work.   Stay up late talking under the stars.  Choose any activity that gives you the opportunity to practice Spiritual Connection, aka FRIENDSHIP.  

Put yourself in a position where you give it all away.   And in your giving, you will receive all you need.  


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Happy Summer Solstice 2019


Summer Solstice is a time to reflect, a time to evaluate self-growth, purpose and meaning.    


At this celebratory time of year seeds are planted in the Earth as well as in our souls.  


At Solstice (1145am EST June, 21st2019), the sun brightens our skies more and longer than any other day of the year!   


Throughout history, many traditions and cultures have celebrated the expansive LIGHT being showered upon the Earth on this day.  It’s known as one of the powerful days of the year for spiritual growth and healing.


In terms of consciousness, Solstice allows for us to be most present to ourselves and to who we know ourselves to be.


Therefore it is a great time of cleansing and renewal.  It is also a wonderful time for fertility, growth and expansion.  


On Summer Solstice humans enjoy giving back to creation in ceremony and ritual. We thank creation for the constant energy and blessings. We recognize and honor Mother Earth who is so generously good to us, dedication her warmth and light, which we require to thrive and prosper.


Some rituals to celebrate Summer Solstice:

1)      Surround yourself with plants, flowers and abundance that grows from the earth.   


5 sacred Celtic plants associated with Midsummer are St. John’s Wort, Vervain, Yarrow, Fern, and Mugwort.


2)      Gather in community. Create a circle.  


Exchange stories, ideas, poems, art, songs, etc..  Dance. Play.  Drum.  Celebrate.


3)      Create a Sun Wheel or mandala (a symbol of the circle of life/connectedness) made from flowers or things found in nature.


4)      Keep a sacred fire burning. 

Build a bonfire.  Light a candle in celebration alone or with friends.  

5)      Pray.  Make a Prayer Stick or Prayer Tree.


Pray for peace specifically for places that suffer from poverty or scarcity and experience limited amounts of peace.


summer solstice quote .png


Each of us has been blessed with a purpose that makes our heart sing.



For the first few decades of my life I envied all of those around me who understood their calling.  I craved to live out my passion.   I wondered how they heard their calling when I remained so unsure, unproductive, lost and insecure.  

At that time I was one of the many who was perusing and committed to professions and personal endeavors that I never consciously planned to pursue.  I had learned to trust circumstance over choice and had taken on roles that felt tolerable at best. 

Now that I have found a way to increasingly live out my love, my joy and my purpose I KNOW that we are each meant to live life out very much on purpose. 

I’ve come to understand that our life’s work is to love and to be loved.  And that all activities we engage in should allow us to express our intelligence, our creativity and align with what we so deeply LOVE.  

The goal is not to reach some pinnacle of success in education or obtain impressive certification but rather to claim your joy in living out a life that links reward, financial security and joy from doing something you love.  

Perhaps we are not born with a clear understanding of the scope of our purpose. 

Perhaps self-discovery is an early step in uncovering the depths of what we are capable of.  If you feel like you are drifting though life you are likely also striving to discover your true potential.  You likely dream that you can live out a more authentic, driven life and you deserve to make that a reality. 

How do you find your calling? 

1.)    You must consider your interests in the present and revisit the passions that moved you in the past.

2.)    Dedicate time to explore any aspirations that remain and have not yet been explored. 

3.)    Take a very bold and self-empowered assessment of your skill and talents.  Search for what you LOVE and are ALSO GOOD at.   90% of your time should be in this zone of enjoyment. 

4.)    Become comfortable hiring out, delegating, and asking for help in any area that you dread, fear, or suck at.  Tip:  Only ever spend 10% of your time in this drudgery zone.  More is too big of an ask.  

5.)    Daily ask the Universe to clarify your life’s work with signs and PAY acute attention.  

6.)    Be open for things to change on a dime.

7.)    Daily ask the Universe to allow you to be of your Highest Use

How do you know you’ve found your calling?  

You will know you’ve reached your life’s work when you wake early and eager to great the day and your confidence and clarity outweigh your doubt, resistance and insecurity.  

You will begin to value your contribution.   

You will learn to love who you are, your path and your opportunity to contribute your gifts.  

It may not be easy to get to this point.  But it awaits you.  Carry on warrior.  Your destiny awaits you with a Wide Open Heart.  




Kundalini for Addiction Training in Espanola, New Mexico


"As we are entering the Age of Aquarius, we have to become responsible, outspoken, leading teachers of this Age. That's what we have trained for and that's what we have grown into. You cannot live under a camouflage. You have to live openly, honestly, brightly, and forthrightly. Your words should be so strong that they affect every heart; your truth should be so pure that it lifts a person's soul to the heights."


-Yogi Bhajan, 7/28/02



I recently returned home from an 8-day immersion course entitled Kundalini for Addiction Training in Espanola, New Mexico.   I was super grateful because this training satisfied my Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Continuing Education Credits along with my credits as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.   

The training was taught by those who studied intimately under Yogi Bhajan and was graciously hosted at his ashram where many still live and carry on his work and live the lifestyle he and so many have found so helpful.

Our schedule was intense.  We woke for Sahdna around 3pm to walk 15 minutes in the dark along the dirt path of the ashram to the Gudwara.  Gudwara is the Spiritual Practice that uses devotional songs and uplifting live music called Kirtan, to connect the individual with the Infinite.   It is also the name of the structure we gathered in. 

3:40-4:00am we recited Japji (Prayer)

4:00-4:45am we practiced Kundalini Yoga

4:45-6:00am we sang the Aquarian Sadhana Mantra Meditation to live music (amazing!) 

6:00-6:45am we participated in the Gudwara celebration


We ate purely organic, vegetarian meals grown on the property. The delicious food was prepared by those committed to Seva (service). Many of these volunteers came to live at the ashram and worked in this way.   We also joined in serving, washing dishes, cleaning the rooms, bathrooms and more. It was an honor.  

Yogi’s serving yummy healthy food to other yogis.

Yogi’s serving yummy healthy food to other yogis.

Happy, Holy, Healthy Dishwashing Crew.

Happy, Holy, Healthy Dishwashing Crew.

Class was from 9-1pm, a break for lunch and then resumed from 2:30-6:30pm 

Dinner and bed was shortly after.  

There were 47 other amazing humans present.   They came from all over the world to include: Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Belgium, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Hawaii and many other states in America.  The collective of these individuals was pure joy and light.   

I would like to share some of my take away thoughts from this experience. 

1.)You are your own best teacher. All of your answers are inside of you. You simply must look deep within and create space and time to listen in order to find your way.  

2.)When you understand who you are you will radiate.  

3.)When you have a strong Nervous System you will have a strong and positive outlook on life.  

4.)Gratitude is the grace inside.  It is the connector and communicator to all that is good.  

5.)Kundalini yoga can take away cravings, inner anger, shame, reduce addictive behavior and clear your mind of negative thinking.  

I am beyond thrilled to bring many of the teachings to Leap on a regular basis. 

I will be teaching 6-715pm weekly @ Radiant Yoga, El Dorado Hills beginning April 25th and from 1030-1145am regularly on Mondays beginning April 29th @ Leap Yoga, Folsom, CA.   

Please come check out this amazing practice, which is sure to open your Heart Wide Open.  






How Do I Surrender, And Mean It?

bird in hand.jpg


The Buddhists say you can surrender or you can suffer.  


Suffering most always relates to not liking things how they are.

How do you learn to accept, like, and eventually embrace things that you thought would never happen or didn’t want to happen?  


How do you not become overly discouraged when a dream disappears?  Or when someone says no when you were counting on a yes?  


How can you open your mind to expansion vs. lock down when challenge hits?   


How do you keep your HEART WIDE OPEN instead of shutting down in anger, blame or sadness and pain? 


The choice remains in every moment.  


1.)   Follow the green lights of life. 


You can choose to move closer to what’s opening, growing, developing, or you can choose to resist or ignore the truth.   One option will likely provide energy and space to think of new solutions and the other will likely tire you out.  


A curious mind will aid you in seeing increased possibilities.  


2.)   Accept what is. 


Emotional, physical and psychological flexibility can be found in acceptance.  A state of peace can be particularly challenging to embrace when we think things should be happening differently or we are expecting a specific outcome.  Coming to terms with what didn’t happen is the first step to opening your eyes wide enough to see what is newly achievable.  


When we accept the current moment fully we are forced to acknowledge what isand what is no more.   Acceptance is a form of closure.  It is also the birthplace to uncover the gifts that are newly available to you. 


3.)   Let go.


Letting go of our past habits, dreams or ways of living often requires a grieving process that can be long or immediate.  We chose those old ways of being for a reason.  It’s simply possible that our habits no longer serve us and the reasoning no longer applies.  


Releasing our agenda is an act of faith.  Remember, it IS possible to be disappointed by a perceived loss AND experience more joy from an unexpected outcome.  


Fully embracing the reality of what is evolving before us invites us to release what is naturally falling away.  



We can be broken open or we can willingly shed. We must put down what no longer works as soon as we recognize that it is no longer serving us.   Transitions happen fast and old ways lose their usefulness.   It’s imperative we pay attention to the yellowing lights before they turn Red.  


When we readily put down was no longer works on a regular basis we open the opportunity to stay closer to what is sacred, what is real, what is true.  


When we live life as if there are rights and wrongs we end up struggling and achieving a life instead of living it. 


Keep asking for what you need, only to practice to keep accepting what you are given. 


And deeply trust that spirit won’t take from you what you are not yet willing to give away. Surrender and mean it.