If you wonder if Kundalini Yoga is for you?

Sep 30, 2018

If you’re wondering if Kundalini Yoga is for  you?

“So I really want to take your Kundalini class but my joint pain is really bad. My shoulders and elbows are constantly at a pain level of 7-8. Would it even be possible for me or is it doing traditional yoga poses? I can’t do most poses right now?”

This is the actual text I received.  

I receive these types of concerns non-stop!  

They go like this, EXACTLY like this:

“I’m not sure I can keep up.“ 

“I’ve had shoulder surgery.” 

“I can’t hold my arms at this degree (they hold their arms out at that degree).”  

“I can’t sit for too long.” 

“I haven’t done anything for years.”

“I’m out of yoga shape.”

“I’m old.”  

Usually their eyes are wide, face protruding forward, chin first as they share, question carries in their voice.   

What I believe they are saying is this.  

I’m unsure.  I think I want this experience but I also don’t know what to expect.  Can I still come?  Will there still be a place for me even if I bring my broken self to the mat.  Is it going to be ok for me?  What if I get there and I fall apart.  Will that be ok?

The answer to that question is ALWAYS YES!  

First off, everyone’s eyes are closed in Kundalini class so no one will know what is going on with you anyway.  Whew.  Practicing with the eyes closed encourages you to stay focused on you and for others to have permission to stay focused on them. Amen to that.  

Physically, there may be times in the average kundalini class that a student might need to adjust or pause or take a break based on their ailments, experience, injuries or body type.   This will ALWAYS be allowed and ok.  You do you in yoga!   

ALL a student will be ever asked to do is to do their best, and this sometimes means you will opt to simply stay on your mat and breath.   Remember, no one is looking.  

I recall one of my favorite yoga experiences.  I walked into a vinyasa class, did one down dog, recognized how tired I was and I lay down on my belly with my right ear to the earth.   At first I was concerned what others thought and then I realized that not caring about that was my work for the day.   Staying attuned to me and letting everything else go was my best work in that moment.       

I continued to lie there. I was practicing caring more about what I needed than my fear of others thoughts.  It was a BIG day of growth.  

About half way through the class I turned my left ear to the mat.  The class ended.  I left. 

That was yoga!   

You can do this too should you need. 

We humans tend want to bolt when we are unsure, uncertain, or uncomfortable.   People are asking.  Will I be uncomfortable?   

My answer to that is also a resounding YES.   And thank God for that!  

IF YOU WANT to continue to live with the trauma and strain of stuck energy and trapped emotion in your body then definitely don’t come to my kundalini class/workshop.  If you are ready to feel it, face it and allow it to move on and through you then please come on down to the:

Regularly Scheduled Kundalini class @ Leap Yoga, Folsom Oct. 15th1030-1145am 

-or to the- 

Free Kundalini Workshop @ Radiant Yoga, El Dorado Hills Oct. 20tt from 12-2pm 

KNOW that you will likely be uncertain and clunky and unsure at least a couple times in class as will EVERYONE else.  I have yet to do or offer a kriya set (class outline) that doesn’t cause me to roll my eyes, feel a range of emotions and laugh at it’s absurdity at at least one point in time.  And, that is exactly the point.  

We want change in our bodies, in our minds, in our thoughts.  We want to stretch our potential in every way and we want to do it while feeling no pain or discomfort of uncertainty.  We don’t want to do anything different.  And we don’t want the same.  We can’t have both people.  

Not only is this NOT possible because change requires change and change = discomfort, BUT, if you want to grow you must become comfortable with the process of the actual change.  

Staying when you want to leave is progress.   Judging something you know nothing about limits you only.  

Attending the workshop when you’d rather play it safe and stay home is progress.   Showing up IS the change.  

You can make it easy on yourself.  You can show up, take yourself off the hook, expect absolutely nothing more than that of yourself the entire class and call it good.   You practicing “showing up” can be all that you are working on and I know you can nail that!  That’s an option.  …a good one too!  

There is absolutely the chance that you will come to class and possibly be unable to do everything that is instructed.   But if you don’t come I guarantee you won’t experience the benefits of Kundalini yoga and that’s a shame because this practice has the ability to change you and your world in such a positive way.   

This being said, most classes are completely conducive to all levels of experience, ages and I am most certain you will actually surprise yourself if you decide to show up.  Each class works a different body part or system.  So, we will practice being open minded.   

Kundalini Yoga can: 

  • Create space in your repetitive thoughts, even alter those self defeating ones that you beat yourself up with.  - the ones that ring with fear and shame   
  • Allow for new neuropathways to be set in your brain allowing you to chose your response to your bodies emotions and life’s experiences
  • Take away the sense of powerless

·     Reconnect you to your inner voice, your intuition

·     Calm your parasympathetic nervous system and bring reprieve from living in flight or fight or numb or freeze response stages

Remember, the pain in your body or in your thoughts or in your heart is already there.   Kundalini may shift it around, stir it up and bring some attention to it but it’s already there regardless of what you do.  As we do our movements we work on resourcing your body so that your body can let it go.  

If you want any chance at healing and releasing it I say why not give it a shot.   

If you’d still like a wee bit more info on what to expect before attending check out my blog “Hey Wait, What the Heck is Kundalini Yoga Anyway?” on my blog from May 14th.

Hannah Zackney