Ha! I caught you taking a peek!

Mar 18, 2018

Yup, a lady knows when someone is trying to take a peak.  I know intimately well how another’s eyes pull quickly into focus and lock on mine after they’ve lingered a second too long somewhere else.   Possibly somewhere they shouldn’t have been. 

Then there’s that awkward moment of mutual recognition where our eyes meet and we both know, you got caught!

Except, let’s be real, people aren’t checking out any forbidden zones on me much these days.  They are however gazing directly at my grays.   

Seven weeks ago I made the life changing decision to stop coloring my hair. 


This is the question most ask when we (me and WHOEVER is looking at me) acknowledge what they are looking at, MY GRAY GROW OUT. 

So, WHY?

1)   I am a believer in authenticity.  It’s gray.   It’s me.  The end

2)   I love a dare and baring my salt and pepper feels like one of the most outrageously dangerous things I’ve ever done.

3)   I embrace challenging my ego, my self-concept and my worth…. With Gray Hair at 44, Hello!  … I gotta believe in a better, bigger, wiser, stronger, sexier part of me!

4)   The day I decided to let the silver grow awoke a previously deadened part of me.  I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER felt more liberated, free or divinely feminine than THAT day….. and so far most days after.

5)   My intrigue of what it will look like when it’s finally grown out.  I am most curious.  And, I'm secretly hoping I can one day look like Annika Von Holdt.

A girl can hope. 

…… & Lastly and definitely not least impactful…….

MY SWEET HUSBAND is DIGGING it and has BEGGED me to do it for YEARS! 

…. He’s super HOT, so I said OK!

Stay tuned.  It’s definitely gonna be a journey! 

Hannah Zackney