Be You. You Are Ready. NOW.

Nov 07, 2018

You do not have to get rid of your fear in order to be courageous, brave and make a difference. 

You do not have to wait for approval of any kind to validate that your very unique contribution to the world is direly needed.  

You do not have to armor up to be safe to expressing your truth.

You do not need to have it all figured out to be an expert on what you know to be true. 

You do not need more time, to finish the to do list or get to a new season of your life before you are qualified to make a bold move towards your passion. 

This world is spinning fast and if you wait to have it all figured before you make your move, you will get passed up.  Quickly. Without.  Notice.   

The time to act on the God Given Desires of your Beautiful Wide Open Heart is RIGHT NOW!


Because following your heart is what propels the sense of being alive.   

Because taking a step towards a goal that you don’t completely understand awakens something deep inside that encourages more growth, more movement and opens the door to the next right step.  

Because we are living in a world where people are doing what they think they are supposed to do without taking the time to check in on what they WANT to do.   

When you do what you think you should do at the expense of what you desire to do you will suffer.  You will be resentful.  You will burn out.  You will have less energy, less creativity and less desire.   Your spirit will die before your body.  

Abandoning your gifts is irresponsible.   

Not challenging yourself will leave you bored, depressed, sad, checked out and numb.  

It is terrifying to deal with unresolved trauma.  It’s scary to think of committing to a new mindset, a new discipline, or a new way. It is overwhelming to think of what it would take to make your dreams come true.  The wind will get kicked out of you when you fail.   And be sure, you will fail as much as you will succeed if you try wholeheartedly.  

But know this.  Being scared and unsure and nervous is a gift. It means you are alive.  It is much more exciting to feel alive than to feel like you are already dead while you are still very much alive.   

It is not fair to your partner, your children, your job or to any other excuse you can derive to say that “they” are the reason you are not following your dream.   

The quality of your life is made up in the quality of your days.  

Today matters.  Those you love are watching. 

Your next right step IS the desire of your heart.   It doesn’t matter what it is.  If the step feels too big and is possible DO IT ANYWAY.  If the step needs to be broken down into a million parts then you need to break it down until you get to the actual first step.  If the first step feels like it requires growth or change. Do what it takes to grow or change. That will be your step.  

When you follow your call you will know who you are and why you are here.   

When you learn your own personal contribution to life that makes you irreplaceable you will feel purposeful.  I pray you then rejoice in your specialness. 

When you live in this way you will be Alive.  You will be Awake.  

What the world needs is for more people to be Alive & Awake.   

Be you.  You are ready.  Now.  

Hannah Zackney