Intention Matters

Oct 15, 2018

At the beginning of most yoga classes there is an invitation to set an intention for the class.   An intention can be a focus, a question you wish to answer, or a desire that you wish to move towards during the practice.  

It’s the start of class.  It’s time to set our intention.  

Release. Cleanse. Let go.  These are the words that come to mind.  

For many classes in a row I have heard these words. 

Today I recognize that these particular words have come to me for too many classes in a row.   

I still feel clogged, stuck, and heavy.  I want to Release, Cleanse, Let Go.  

How do I get out of this spot?  I ask myself.  Why is this not shifting?  How long will I be here?  

The answer.  Words matter. 

Energy flows where Attention goes.  My ATTENTION is on the Clogged.  On the Stuck, and the Heavy.

What I want is to feel Light, Free, and Energized.   

I try asking for that.  I move my focus and attention to what I want and desire.  AWAY from what I no longer want.

It’s subtle, but powerful.  Simple, but not easy.  

We create MUCH better energy when we are FOR something, rather than AGAINST something.  

When we are FOR something we are consciously and subconsciously contributing to the power of affirmative change.  Plus being FOR something always feels more aligned to our true selves.   

Being FOR something creates a positive shift in the universe.  Being FOR something can require strength and conviction.  Being AGAINST something is easy.   Most people are more comfortable with what is easy.  

Release.  Cleanse. Let Go = Easy 

Light.  Free. Energized = Powerful, Alive, Brave, Courageous

On the surface it can seem I am asking for the same thing in each circumstance.  However, being FOR something ALWAYS carries the power of intent that is not present when we are AGAINST something.  

Wayne Dyer said “Our intention creates our reality.”  

The thoughts we choose matter.  What we think we will eventually act on or say.  

When we choose a positive perspective we promote our deeper desires that lead to lasting change.   Love is what we all desire.   

It is life changing to choose Love and those things associated with LOVE first.  

Our willingness to stand up for all things good, for what you believe and to move towards love and light in every scenario has the ability to impact your life, your community and the world.  

It starts with your real and true intentions

Choose what you desire and be amazed at how the universe will rise up to support you.  

Hannah Zackney